Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn Leaves

Here's some for the melancholic and nostalgic,
drinking a warm cup of tea in the fall (winter) weather

Taylor Swift - Last Kiss
Keane - She Has No Time
P!nk - Fuckin' Perfect
Rihanna & Eminem - Love The Way You Lie, Part 2
Robyn - Hang With Me (Acoustic)
The Pretty Reckless - You
Taylor Swift - Ours

More than that I won't give you!

- vic -

Photo: Chris McDonald

Monday, November 01, 2010

The Ending, Part 2 - I Was In Miami B****

"...Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami and Bienvenido a Miami

Bouncin' in the club where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
I'm going to Miami, welcome to Miami..."

...thats what Will Smith said as we came in over the
bridge on 41st St and turned on Collins Avenue and Miami t
ook our breaths away. We were finally there, Oh God had we been waiting for this!

Already sweating, sunny, palms, summer breeze, shorts, skirts, the smell of the ocean -
Jacksonville was great but Miami was about to be better!!

We didnt have any reservations here in Miami, so the first thing we did was park our SUVs and the went straight to AppleStore. LM bought an iPad, Lars bought an iPad and Runa bought two
macs and while they did that i checked out some hostels and motels in the area.

We called a few places but they were fully booked. My friend Linda from school was staying in Miami for 3-4 more days, and i knew she was staying at Clay Hotel&Hostel, so we figured out we could give it a shot and Guess what; we got ourselves a 12-bed dorm! NICE!

The dorm was kinda stinky but we could live here for a bit! Haha.. Linda stayed in a girl-dorm right under us and we all hung out with her several times before she headed for a cruise to Bahamas!

I have to say, living together, 8 people (soon 9), in a small dorm; it looked pretty much like this:

Clay Hotel's location is right on the corner of Espanola Way and Collins Ave, right in the center of South Beach; Everything was right before us, shopping, clubs, the beach. Oh, can we stay here forever?

We came to Miami on the 8th of July and our stay was very chilled. The first or second day people went to see downtown, while me and Lars just hung out in the area.
Runa met her friend from her exchange-year in Australia, Raquel from Mexico. She was the 9th person to stay in our dorm.

Other days everyone did their own things and then we usually hung out together in the evenings. Heres a pic from when we all ate together at a Italian restaurant in our street.

And another funny pic. We were planning on going out this night, but most of us werent in the mood except for Runa, Raquel and Linda really. So they went to this beach thing and had fun!

The girls went out a few times. I joined once together with the rest, trying to get in to Mansion once - one of the hottest clubs in Miami. Unfortunately, the security was also the hottest; Not letting me in. Oops.

Me, Lars and Linda went on to another club, Love/Hate, owned by Ami from Miami Ink for you who dont know who he is. Of course on that saturday he didnt decide to show up!
The club was very characterized with different tattoo-drawings by the artists over at the tattoo-studio. Pretty much amazing. The DJ was also great!

Heres a link to a picture gallery of the club from the inside:

Another night some of us went out on Ocean Drive, the famous ArtDeco street in South Beach. I dont remember the club's name but it was very fun!

We all slowly started to part. Magnus, Mats and Kristoffer were going to New York city, Torgeir was going home on another vacation with his girlfriend and Runa and LM were going home to Norway, via Germany and England.

Before everyone split up, we got to experience something sooo cool. During the FIFA World Cup, we lived, like i said, on Espanola Way. You cant even imagine the excitement in that street as Spain won over the Netherlands!!

People were screaming and dancing and the atmosphere was out of this world, im Serious!

Ive Never seen or been through any thing like it, it was just SO amazing to see the joy in peoples faces and to just be there and experience the happiness!

A man also decided to celebrate by climbing a palm!

So thats about it from the long trip! It has finally come to an end. Well it ended a long time ago, so its more about me finally ending it on the blog. Sorry.. But here it is, and i hope you've all enjoyed reading about our journey!:)

USA Roadtrip 2010 has officially ended!

- vic -

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Ending, Part 1 - Finally Florida

Soooo sorry for not posting this one earlier, but here it is!

Our goals in Atlanta werent that much, only to be in a place, a big place, to celebrate the 4th of July. It sure is a huge city, but we didnt see much of it. We came in on Saturday night and just chilled and Sunday we relaxed again before heading to Stone Mountain Park to celebrate the 4th of July! We were all really tired cause of the long roadtrip and were actually looking forward to it to end, even though we knew it was going to be sad.

We took a taxi towards the park and everything was fine, but then there were waaayyy to many cars wanting to enter the park. So we got out of the taxi cause we didnt want to spend money on just waiting, and thought we could get in by foot, but then we were stopped by a guard telling us that we simply cant enter without a car. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?

Luckily there was a pickup waiting in line right next to us and the two gentlemen driving it were nice enough to let us tailgate so we could get inside! Haha! We got a lot of weird looks...

When we got to the park we found a restaurant at a hotel almost straight away and there was a buffet with so much good stuff (God, do we like buffets!), and so we dug in. After a nice dinner and very nice dessert(s) we went downstairs to the bar and started our journey to space once again and then headed out to the hotel garden as a laser-show and the fireworks were about to begin.

First of, the laser-show was amazing!!! On the mountain wall, there were carvings of three persons riding horses, some historical thing, and the lasers made animated pictures and a show of the history of the three riders. It was veery cool, ive never seen a lasershow like that.

Over to the fireworks; Ive Never seen anything like it. We don't have that kind of firework in Norway, no way! If im not mistaken i remember a UFO and a smiley too? It was so amazing and cool. (there will be pics of the same kinda fireworks later...)

We left Atlanta with more patriotism in our minds and headed for Jacksonville. All we new

about Jax was that we would finally see the ocean again and the

white sand embracing the coast of Florida. When we got there, it was Exactly like that…!

We came into town in the evening. The sun had just set and had painted beautiful colors in the horisont and we parked our cars and Ran down to the beach. It was magical! We had waited So_Long for this and when we finally felt the sand between our toes and the water splashing on our legs, Nothing needed to be said. Just; Finally.

We stayed in Jacksonvile for 4 days i think. We stayed just outside of downtown and had to drive every day to Jax Beach(es). We basically hung out on the beach every day and then went downtown in the evening or just hung out in the motel. One night we ate at a fine restaurant downtown. This was in the dining district The Jacksonville Landing. A great area down by the water with beautiful view to the famous bridge in blue.

On the beach on day we rented surfboards!!

This was a highly anticipated activity that we had talked about for a loong time and that we had agreed on doing in Miami, but then we couldn't wait, so we did it in Jax. The condition for surfing was beyond perfect, big waves (not huge); perfect to get a great surf-experience. Runa was the only one who had surfed before (in Australia) but Lars managed to stand up on the board the first time he tried too! (I think someone else made it too, but i dont remember who, sorry!)

Me not so much, but i did get up after a long struggle with the waves!

So surfing was GREAT, its definitely a sport that both me and Lars agreed on that we would like to be doing as a hobby!

So now we were finally back by the ocean in the final state; it really felt incredible after everything we had been through, driving trough _18_ states! Our next stop was going to be…. Disneyworld?

- vic -

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Memphis - The Music Capital!

Mmeemmpphhiiss, wow what should i say! I didn't have many expectations at all for this city, but it sure turned out to be one of the most vibrant cities we've visited! We arrived during the day and didn't do much really. Everyone was tired after a long drive from Dallas so we just hung out by the pool and got some tan and bathed for hours. The next day was pretty much the same except for some of us who went to Bestbuy for a while.

In the evening the same day we went downtown, which is very nice. Clean and a lot of nice buildings. Since 4th of July was coming up there was a lot going on in Baile St; it was all closed off and zoo many people were out in the street drinking and having fun! We went eating in a great bar/restaurant, got completely stuffed and then headed for Baile St.

Me and Torgeir didn't really feel too good both during and after dinner so we all didn't really do much out either. We walked the street up and down a couple of times, looking at all he people actually, because that was very fun. One guy did this craaaaaazy trick, check out the vid: (Im trying to post the vid but theres a problem. Check in later)

After a while me, Lars and Mats went back to the motel, all worn out. The rest of the group stayed out partying.

The next day was sightseeing day! What a GREAT day this was as we first started our tour at the legendary Sun Studio: Where Rock & Roll was born. Memphis is the home-city of Elvis if you didn't know, which is why Sun Studio is so special. This is the place where he first started his legendary career, paying 4 bucks to get to record the first time and after him, a lot of many big artists continued to record in the studio, stars like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and even U2.

Sun Studio is also where history continued to be be written, as Elvis, Cash, Lewis and Carl Perkins united into The Million Dollar Quartet. Another historical moment was also when Perkins, Orbison, Lewis, and Cash met up and became the Class of '55.
Beeing at Sun was such an amazing experience, especially for me, as music is the air that i breathe. The guide we had was also fantastic because he told us all this history in such an incredible way, a way that mesmerized the whole crowd; waking up the teenager in the older audience.

I just didn't wanna leave, and then he told us that the studio is still a functioning recording studio. in my dreams im recording there…
Anyway, haha i got a little dreamy right there. We got to touch and use the mic that the King himself had used when he was there, so many years ago. Just a GREAT experience!

Right after this, the wonderful journey continued as we drove over to Graceland: Home of Elvis "The King" Presley.

WHAT A LIFE did he live. The mansion was huge with so many rooms, so much variety from one room to another and so much furniture and decor and all sorts of things that just wow'ed you away. He had everything you wanna have in a house, and he had a big-ass carport wish siiiick sick cars. One of them was actually meant for Frank Sinatea, but he got the hold of it, after sweet-talking with the boss. So much cool stuff, and also motorcycles. We also got to see his private jets where he had gold-buckles in the seats!!

We got to listen to a lot of old recordings, at both Sun Studio and at Graceland, all of his Golds, Platinums, Diplomas and trophies of all sorts were there, all his costumes from the shows and from movies.
All of his life is gathered there at Graceland; everything, even his death and his grave. The grave of Elvis lay beside his parents and his grandmother in a area out in his garden, designed for meditation and relaxation. It was very pretty and peaceful there.
So we walked in Memphis with Elvis on our minds, and we left the town with so much more knowledge and so many memories.
I don't wanna leave, Memphis is the music capital; it should be my home.

- vic -

Friday, July 09, 2010

Howdy Texas!

So we're finally humans and civil again, living at Motel 6 every night, ever since the horrible camping in Danton. We hit the road towards Dallas and personally, i coudnt wait to see those skyscrapers again, pretty fed up with no beds, no air-conditioning or no showers for days.

The trip to Texas was pretty much the same as before Lucas, only in the day, so we got through the driving with almost no problems. On Monday we went downtown first to check it out and then we tracked down the mark where John F. Kennedy was shot. Then we wanted to go on a roof on a skyscraper and so we asked the security at Thanksgiving Tower or whatever its called, because they usually let people on the roof. But that day they were actually shooting a TV-show called The Good Guys. Thats pretty cool. The fact that they were shooting!

We went on to a shopping-center outside Dallas and i actually got water in my mouth by walking around with all the stores, GOD what a long time ago, i thought!! Shoes <3 haha. We used some bucks over there and i think everyone appereciated it a lot after beeing so long out in the "bushes"!

The next day we headed to Fort Worth, which is, i think, a part of Dallas because on the Weather Channel they write Dallas/Fort Worth.

Anyway, we were in Stockyard first and this place is like almost all original from the western time, with real cowboy saloons, shops with real brands like Stetson and we saw actual cowboys too! They werent cowboys like before but they looked like people who live in there and work in the saloons and stuff, and they were wearing worn-out cowboy-boots and hats so i guess they were modern cowboys of some sort!

Me and Lars checked out a real rodeo arena which was open for visitors to see. It was pretty cool, heres a (bad) picture!
Back at the motel we checked out the weather by coincidence and learned that there was a tropical storm called Alex, later referred to as a hurricane, coming over the South Coast. Luckily we were gonna go to Memphis on Thursday so we werent gonna have all that bad weather (again). In the afternoon, 6 of us went to a sports-center and me and Lars drove downtown. We didnt really do much, only looked around, and then it started raining so we hung out on a cafe. It was really nice though. I liked Fort Worth a lot because it was very pretty and clean there, is that what i always say?? But really, it was! And i like the western look about the city and the shops and bars and all :)
Then in the evening/night we went to a Irish pub downtown which was called Durty Molly, yes, with a U, and boy did we drink too much haha. We havent had a time like that since Las Vegas so yeah, we took it aaaall the way out! I dont have much else to say about that night because i really dont remember much. Only a lot of tequila.........
The next day we were all pretty hungover, some worst than others. We started with breakfast at Denny's and then the boys went to a shooting range and fun there while me and Runa got mani- and pedicure! That was sooo good, you cant imagine!

The trip goes on towards Memphis!!!!!

- vic -

Monday, July 05, 2010

Patriots, Weird Roadtripping and Our Last Camping!

South Dakota is the Mt. Rushmore state which was our first stop here. We drove in to the Black Hills Forest; beautiful landscapes on green hills and in to Keystone, where the mountain is. On the way we drove trough a place called Deadwood, that just like Keystone, is a western town with cowboy-themed fasades, it was really cool.
There was a lift up to a little top that advertised for a great scenic view over to Mt. Rushmore and it costed $8, and the ride up And down was really nice but we all felt very ripped off when we saw the view. Basically we didnt see anything, just 4 faces faaaaaaaar far away. When we got down i complained, the sunnmøring as i am haha (a norwegian thing if you english readers dont know).

So we drove a little further and got to see the mountain up close over at the Mt. Rushmore monument park. It was really cool to finally get to see it. The four presidents are, for you who dont know: George Washington, USAs first president, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Its amazing that theyve been carved out in a mountain. At 9 PM a show started where they were suppouse to light up the mountain. The time is set back or forward for every state we come in to so we rushed over around 8.20 PM to get good seats before the show was supposed to start when the time was actually 7.20 PM. Yeeeeeeeey. We sat there and waited for over 1 & 1/2 hous..

Anyway, as we waited, an american flag was lit up the entire time and when the show started everyone said a prayer for it. Then we saw a movie about the american history and the role the four presidents played. Then for a finale, as they lit the mountain in Slow Motion, yeees thats right, slow motion, everyone sang the national anthem. It was a nice, um what should i call it, seremony maybe, but it was kinda heavy we think. We all know that americans are patriots but we didnt realize they were that much patriots until we saw this. Wow, thats all i can say!

We slept in Keystone for a night and the next day we went on to the Crazy Horse memorial. The memorial isnt finished so once again we felt ripped off as we payed $27 for a carload, (over at Mt. Rushmore we payed $10), BUT this place was AMAZING.

Personally i fell in love with the native americans which ive always loved, but this place showed their works over the years and all the incredible arts and crafts theyve made. Crazy Horse memorial is a tribute to all the indians all over America and Crazy Horse was their hero. One of the reasons why are because he turned down the opportunity to alliance with the Americans. Until this day, and the reason for why the memorial isnt finished is because the people who today are working on it, Still havent accepted anything from the government. All the money they have are donations from anyone who wants to donate and well, i think its great that they still dont accept. (The pic on the right is a miniature of how Crazy Horse is going to be like when its finished).

After all this we continued our trip down to a place called Hot Springs, not far from the border to Nebraska. We spent a night here and at the time there was a little arts and crafts festival, so we saw a lot of pretty little things people had made and there was a little music too. A very nice little place with great people and delicious China buffets!

The next day we hit the road for a looooong trip through Nebraska. Not far from the border we did a pit-stop at Carhenge which basically is a copy of the Stonehenge, only made of cars. Pretty cool and i dont know who on earth had it so boring that they did this project. Fun for tourists though!

After a long and narly drive with craaaaaazy thunder and lightning and rain, we stopped in Kansas, in a tiiiny place called Lucas to camp. The bad weather didnt come after us, thank God, but it was really creepy there because we met some people, two older guys, who seemed nice enough, but they were drinking, and when they were done talking to some of our guys they just lingered and hovered over us, not saying a word. We waited like forever and they never went inside their RV and i refused to go to sleep until they did but in the end they FINALLY got in. It was hard to fall asleep but in the end we all did, and well we're all still alive. All the boys had knives with them in the tents, just in case. Haha. We did a pit-stop at the Garden of Eden, another weird place, then we got the hell out of that town.

Heres a random pic from Lucas.. weird place. Just weird!

We passed trough Kansas the same day And we passed through Oklahoma and we didnt stop before we got to Texas. We got to a park around 10 PM and got a campsite in the woods. This was in a place outside Dallas called Danton. It was very warm and humid and it was way too many mosquitoes out there so we didnt bother to go all the way inn to our campsite; we just put up our tents on the road where there werent too much vegetation so that we wouldnt get eaten up by all the insects!! This was officially our LAST time tenting because it was sooo horrible and because we were finally in a city again: DALLAS!!!

PS: i kinda did this one in a hurry so sorry for not too many great pics or a weird text or whatever; ill try to make it up to you guys in the next one from TEXAS!!!!!

- vic -

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yellowstone - A little piece of Norway

After a long but nice trip trough a few states we finally arrived to Yellowstone National Park. As we were driving in we actually went throughout Montana first for about half an hour, yeeeey another state, and then we came in at the west entrance to the park.

Everyone wow'ed a little bit as we drove in because this place is exactly like Norway, only PACKED with animals. Theres a lot of bears and buffalos here, and almost everywhere you look you can see a "Do not approach buffalo, stay safe, stay away" or "Bear Country". We saw many buffalos and then we saw an actual wild bear!!!!! Cool.

So everything was just like Norway and we felt close to home or at home. We stayed in a nice little place called Bridge Bay where Lars had made reservations for us. The first night the weather wasnt too nice so we ate out and in the evening we all gathered in one tent and played cards, except for LM, who wanted to be a badass and meet the bad weather that came in over us. First there were dark, dark clouds, then thunder and lightning. Then it started to rain and then it actually started to hale!! It haled for some time and things got a bit wet but then the sun finally came out. Crazy, cause we experienced all four seasons in like 10 minutes, haha.We weren't too prepared for the nights out here, i think we all agree on that. The first night we all almost died, im totally serious haha. It was soooooooooooooo cold and i was wearing tights, pants, a top, polo and a sweater and it still didn't help. So to you guys, if you ever go here or anywhere up north like here; bring WOOL and many smart clothes, and for Gods sake; don't sleep in a sleepingbag that holds down to 6 degrees (celcius)………………

So Yellowstone is beautiful. We've seen many animals, and buffalos are as common here on the fields as cows like we know it. They weren't so many as cows though, but we saw them frequently. On Monday we went to see the Old Faithful geyser, the most known and popular attraction here in the park. Every 60-90 minutes it erupts and it lasts for anything between 1-5 minutes. It was cool to see it and it went high. At the average it can go as high as 130 feet, which is about 40 m. Pretty cool.
After that we went for a walk around in the Old Faithful area and there was more geysers and hot springs. Then we went for a hike up a trail. Again; bear warnings, so i sang and clapped all the way up and down to scare any bears away, haha.

In the afternoon and evening we grilled as it was very nice outside. We met a few guys from, i think Washington and Seattle?, and they were alright. Before they came over we played Beat for Beat by the fire, which was very fun!

Tuesday we didn't doo much. The weather was horrible so we just went to another camping to wash a lot of clothes, and then we hung out at a hotel and played cards for hours! Fun enough! :) it was nice to sit in the hotel because we felt sivil again.. sleeping on the ground in a tent for days is a biiiig contrast to being inside an actual house with hot water in the taps and showers! Were we in Las Vegas, really?? With luxury and marble anywhere you looked lalala... <3

Back to the cold. Wednesday was check-out day. We went to the Mammoth area, which is in the north-west part of Yellowstone. Here we saw the hot springs that are really cool because they lay in a terrace formation or whatever. Im really bad in explaining things like that, um, youll just have to see in the pics again haha.

You can suppousively bathe in the springs, though it didnt look like you could. But that day we were told that it was closed anyway so we only got to see it.
We didnt do much else here, we were gonna go horseback-riding but that never happened. Im kinda hoping that we'll meet someone cool in Kansas with a big-ass ranch who will lend us some horses!

Next up is South-Dakota - Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Jewel Caves AND and a place calld Hot Springs with Actual springs that we can Actually bathe in!

Hey, please feel free to commet, i will appreciate it!

- vic -

Passing through Utah and Idaho and Montana

Next up on our roadtrip was a pitstop in a little place right after the border to Utah called Kanab. This place is know for many many cowboy movies that have been filmed here and a lot of celebs in the genre have stopped by to grab a bite every now and then.
We found a nice campground here with very nice people and went for a bite at Nedra's Mexican Restaurant. They had the BEST salsa ive EVER IN MY LIFE tasted and i got full on nachos and salsa before i got my dinner. Ops. Clint Eastwood has hung out at this restaurant several times too.

So we were in Utah. We spent the night in Kanab and then we went on north to Bryce Canyon. Bryce is kinda hard to explain so youll just have too see in the pics but the place very western and we could go horseback riding down the canyon but it was kinda expensive. We bought cowboy-hats though, so now me, Torgeir, LM and Magnus are officially cowboys haha!
We didnt go to the canyon but what you can see in the pics is pretty much what Bryce Canyon is about, only the canyon is covered in that scenery.We went on and drove to Salt Lake City. We didnt really stop, only to try to take out some cash. The city was clean and all that, but i didnt think it was that much pretty and all. We saw to little probably!We continued our trip after we made the decision to camp in Ogden, right after Salt Lake City. When we got there we couldnt find any campground so we decided to keep on and drive further towards Yellowstone.

We crossed another border, in to Idaho. No Youdaho? Haha just kidding. Anyways, we found a spot in Idaho Falls, put up our tents and went straight on the next day, but we didnt get far before we found a bear park called Yellowstone Bear World. This place was really cool because it was made so we could drive trough the park, right beside all the animals. We saw moutain goats, Rocky Mountain elks, American bisons, GRIZZLY BEARS!!, moose, black bears and white-tail deers.We stayed the night in Idaho Falls, not much to say about that really and we only passed trought Montana right before we got in to Yellowstone National Park, which lies in Wyoming.

Ill upload a little more pics to this post later.
The jurney goes on to Yellowstone!

- vic -

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grand Canyon - One of the seven natural wonders of the world for sure!!

We hit the road a little late because we did some sightseeing in Las Vegas during the day. We checked out the Stratosphere and wanted to take the Big Shot ride, but it was closed down because of wind. We got a good view of the city though!

On the way to Grand Canyon we saw Hoover Dam too! We were lucky because they closed the place down when we came but i talked to a policeman and begged since we <>, so he let us in for 5 mins!

ANYWAY we arrived to the Grand Canyon National Park a little late. We came in at night and there were a lot of animals right beside the roads so we had to drive like really slow to not hit any. We looked around for some campgrounds but everything was full and closed so we actually ended up sleeping in the cars. Some of the guys set up their tent even though they werent allowed to by the park. It went okay though!
We did end up lucky the next day though because Mather Campground had 1 spot left due to cancelling, so we put up our tents fast and then we went up to the rim trail at Yavapai Point (i think thats what it was called). Can you imagine eating breakfast by one of the worlds most beautiful places?

We went back to the campground and played cards, badminton and caught up on some sleep. Later on in the evening we went back to the rim trail at Yavapai Pt. to see the sunset. Lars and the guys brewed some coffee and we all sat at the edge of the canyon as the sun set and put the canyon to sleep. It was so beautiful, almost like and illusion.

I thought it was really cold during the night but i got through it. The next day we checked out at 1130 and went straight to another trail called Kaibab, where we did some hiking down the canyon. We didnt go far, or for a long time, but it was pretty steep, so the walk back up was a liiiittle heavy, at least for me haha. The hike was gorgeous and it felt very unique to be walking down this incredible scenery. Everywhere we looked was, well, the pictures tell everything....

Grand Canyon is the greatest end neatest thing we've seen so far, for me it tops Vegas for sure. Everyone should go to the canyon and experience it. Theres no hole in the ground like it!!
Next we're off to Yellowstone but we're going to stop a few places because we have reservations the 20th.

Until next time

- vic -