Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little bit of this, A little bit of that

Okay, so this is the first time ever that im blogging. I dont even know what blogging's about. People tell me to just say exactly what i wanna say, so I guess that's what i'll do...

Anyway, right now im listening to Impel - The Honesty. They applied me as a friend and said im gonna like their music. Guess theyre psychic or something, cause i really liked it! Im really into punkrock/indie/alternative these days. I mean, ive been listening to that for a long time, but for quite some time now, im only listening to those genres.

Of course, im listening to Paramore. The main band that i listen to. They are such an inspiration..i admire Hayley for her voice...i sing their songs every day..theres gonna be a competition after new years, and i wanna find a band who can back me up so i can do a cover of one of their songs! Most likely Decode. Thats my favourite right now. But at the same time i cant say that, because all of their songs are amazing. I just L-O-V-E them!

Ha ha...listen to me! I could talk about paramore all day long for the rest of my life, and how much influence their music give me, but if im gonna talk about them im gonna do it in another blog. (Maybe i will?)

Because in this blog im finding out what blogging is! I think maybe im on my way to find out. I think im doing a pretty good job blogging now. Didnt know its this easy! Well its not easy..i mean, if no-one wants to read it, i guess ive failed...!

Okay, i have to work out a little bit, and then im going to practice my singing with some Paramore songs....heh! Back to them! No, im not gonna bore you with how much i love them, (i will do that in another blog), so im not gonna talk any more about them now..!

I think i need to do some homework to. Im presenting a big project on norwegian folklore poetry in not too long, so i have to get on with it!

So..i hope, well if anyone reads this, that you will read my future blogs and um...i dont know how often im going to post blogs, i guess ill just have to wait and see..cause it will depend on how much time i got (you know, homework and social activities come too). So if you like my blog(s), please subscribe. Im sure ill post something new pretty soon..cause this seems fun!

well, ill see you later then!