Friday, September 25, 2009

Famous person

Haha, i walked by one of our famous radioguys and comiedians and he was shooting something for a show! He calls him Are the sheepfarmer!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Long time no see!

Hey you who dont read my blogs! Im sorry its been such a long time since ive posted anything but here i am now.

I dont even remember what i wrote last time.. Oh yeah. It was a quote. Well i guess i should update you on my life then!

Ive moved up to Trondheim (think ive said that) and well, were doing pretty well me and Lars! Weve been eating so healthy i all green now, but its good and i have found out that i loooove to cook! My favourite thing to do is to cook dinner for my dear and have it ready until when he comes home from school. Its great when you get that "thank you so much baby, youre the best", really makes you feel it worth while!<3

Um.. ive started on interior studies, have i said that? Ive found out that theoretic subjects arent for me; i want to do something creative! So i think ive chosen pretty well and i hope ill like it! I like it so far.

We do very advanced stuff like this day-project...our task was to paint something we love very much and i painted my home! just kidding. This i did because i was done with my real task!

I dont have a pic of the real task but it was real interior stuff.. just so you know we dont Only do silly things there. Ha ha.

Um..Ive been sick the last three weeks, and that sucks. Finally made a doctors-appointement and will see him nexy monday! Lars will be soo happy when i finally stop coughing!

Other than that: Im BROKE. Cant wait til i get some money again.. i need money. Will you help me? Donate to SOS-Victoria-needs-money-ASAP and she will be so happy!

So what else will i share? Im not singing AS mush as i did at home in Sykkylven so i really miss it. I live with Lars now and two girls so i cant sing as loud as i did before.. Though im sick now so i cant really sing anyway. When i could like two weeks ago or something, me and Lars played guitar and sang White Horse by Taylor Swoft. That song will live forever in my heart <3>

A little update on my favourite songs maybe:

Taylor Swift - Breathe, White Horse and so many others
Demi, Selena, Jonas Brothers and Miley - Send It On (its soooooooo pretty!)
Demi Lovato - Got Dynamite
Paramore - Ignorance

And um.. i cant really come up with others i like right now. No, i really like Miley and Nick Jonas´s song Before The Storm. That ones also really beautiful!

I dont think im gonna write anymore now cause it will only turn out rubbish about nothing. Just thought i should update you a little:)

I wont wait long til i write again, i promise!

- vic -