Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have _B_ig news...

Demi Lovato - Skyscraper.

It's been such a long time again! There was SO much to do in school the last 3-4 weeks before the holidays, ("holidays" - at that time I didn't even recall what this word meant or understood the concept of having spare time, and time to enjoy the company of my boyfriend, or others). Holidays, or the synonym vacation, would be something new to me, after these weeks.

I was soaking wet, drowning in schoolwork. Basically I sat from 8am 'til 11pm at school this period, and the last, around 10 days, I did the same, only I to went to sleep at 12pm and then got up 2 or 3 in the morning to start working again.

_Never in my life have I worked my ASS off this much, and for so long!_

I didn't have a social life, lost friends, I smelled cause I didn't shower for days and didn't have clean underwear.. Okay, that's taking it a bit too far! But really, I was Exhausted. Or you know what, I wasn't - because I didn't have feelings. I was a robot, a workaholic.

Finally I was finished with my portfolio and was ready for my oral exam. Only one mark I was going to get, for all the hard work this last semester, and this mark was depending on my devotion and long hours of work.

These weeks of work were lying in the hands of the decision of my future;
If I would get in to my last year of my Bachelor degree at Solent University in Southampton, UK.

I tell ya very short: I got in. I got a B. 

I am going to print a "B" on a A4 page and frame it, and put it on my wall, because this - this is a new era for me. 

I was really speechless. I know that in life, only hard work pay off. But boy have I never known this for myself until now. Without bragging (I hope), I tell you I am _so_ proud of myself. I don't think I've ever been This much proud of myself. 

When I got the news of my result, I had just been to work, and had just gotten to know some results others in my class got. D's, E's... F's.. People I admire so much for their intelligence and knowledge, people that Did Not deserve the mark they got. And I got so nervous and scared that for my own mark, that I rode my bike so fast I almost soared off the ground like an aeroplane. I was home in 3 mins, I swear, I RAN to my mac to unveil my mark....... - B.

B? What?  ..  Is this the right page for reading my result.. Where do I go to see the correct result from my oral exam.. B... Does it say E?   .....  I really wasn't able to read it. Was it really a B? My heart was pounding. Blood was pumping. 

I had to call my friend from class who I look at as the Best of all. She actually won two awards in school for her amazing work, which she absolutely deserved! (I always call her when I have a question...). - She thought I said "E". Again I said "B". - "B!? Wow thats great!! I cried so hard of happiness that night. And Lars was right there with me, telling me I deserved it so much.

So it is a B.
I'm gonna be a bit cliche and say - it's the Beginning of a beautiful year.

So that's the big news. I'm leaving Norway for a year, to go studying in Southampton, UK. The university is Solent University, and I will be attending Interior Decoration BA. 

I can't wait!

I will be writing about my year in Southampton so that you can follow me and how I am doing. I also have another blog, thedailyinspirations, which is about, well, my inspirations. I'm definitely going to fill this one up with stuff as time goes by, knowing I will come across So much amazing interior and architecture bits and pieces, along with music stuff and other fascinations. So check in there as well as here to follow my to be splendid year in the UK!
- vic -