Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feeding ducks!

Me and lars were out feeding ducks yesterday and one me them was pretty hungry i think! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Famous person

Haha, i walked by one of our famous radioguys and comiedians and he was shooting something for a show! He calls him Are the sheepfarmer!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Long time no see!

Hey you who dont read my blogs! Im sorry its been such a long time since ive posted anything but here i am now.

I dont even remember what i wrote last time.. Oh yeah. It was a quote. Well i guess i should update you on my life then!

Ive moved up to Trondheim (think ive said that) and well, were doing pretty well me and Lars! Weve been eating so healthy i all green now, but its good and i have found out that i loooove to cook! My favourite thing to do is to cook dinner for my dear and have it ready until when he comes home from school. Its great when you get that "thank you so much baby, youre the best", really makes you feel it worth while!<3

Um.. ive started on interior studies, have i said that? Ive found out that theoretic subjects arent for me; i want to do something creative! So i think ive chosen pretty well and i hope ill like it! I like it so far.

We do very advanced stuff like this day-project...our task was to paint something we love very much and i painted my home! just kidding. This i did because i was done with my real task!

I dont have a pic of the real task but it was real interior stuff.. just so you know we dont Only do silly things there. Ha ha.

Um..Ive been sick the last three weeks, and that sucks. Finally made a doctors-appointement and will see him nexy monday! Lars will be soo happy when i finally stop coughing!

Other than that: Im BROKE. Cant wait til i get some money again.. i need money. Will you help me? Donate to SOS-Victoria-needs-money-ASAP and she will be so happy!

So what else will i share? Im not singing AS mush as i did at home in Sykkylven so i really miss it. I live with Lars now and two girls so i cant sing as loud as i did before.. Though im sick now so i cant really sing anyway. When i could like two weeks ago or something, me and Lars played guitar and sang White Horse by Taylor Swoft. That song will live forever in my heart <3>

A little update on my favourite songs maybe:

Taylor Swift - Breathe, White Horse and so many others
Demi, Selena, Jonas Brothers and Miley - Send It On (its soooooooo pretty!)
Demi Lovato - Got Dynamite
Paramore - Ignorance

And um.. i cant really come up with others i like right now. No, i really like Miley and Nick Jonas´s song Before The Storm. That ones also really beautiful!

I dont think im gonna write anymore now cause it will only turn out rubbish about nothing. Just thought i should update you a little:)

I wont wait long til i write again, i promise!

- vic -

Friday, July 24, 2009


I should be doing something smart right now. Or something productive. I dont know. All i know is that im bored..

I realise i havent been posting many quotes, so heres one for today:

July 24th - Real Things

"Nothing real ever dies" - Unknown

- vic -

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here We Go Again 2

By The Way, Demi Lovato has finally released her second album, Here We Go Again and its really good! You whould check it outtt!

Shes got a lot of good songs on the album, like Remember December, Falling over me, Solo, Stop The World, World of Chances, written along with John Mayer, and many more. The album is different from the first one, because like Demi said her self; the first album was made together with the Jonas Brothers, so it got a lot of Jonas Brothers influence over it. Here We Go Again is more me, as she said herself.

So buy it or download on iTunes:)

- vic -

Here We Go Again

Hey guys! Im a terrible blogger these days, i know. I should do it more often but i just dont have time or a computer!

So anyway, ive moved up to Trondheim!!! Im sooo excite
d to live there! Me and Lars got up there last wednesday and just started to unpack right away, so we got it all finished by the night! Then on thursday we went to IKEA to do a little shopping for some more stuff that we needed. We got a bench for the tv to stand on and some decoration for the apartement!

Its sooo cozy there! And we have "The Red Corner"...

That bike isnt there now though, took up too much space. And the jeans are in the closet. ;)

Later the same day we visited Lars' friend and girlfriend, who also live together, and we ate homemade pizza together and
wached a movie. It was really nice:)

On saturday we went down town, to the city centre/Trondheim Torg, and i bought us a bucket with strawberry and we enjoyed them in the sun. It was such a nice weather and so warm, a perfect day! We just sat there on a bench and licked the sun!

Lars bought a capo for my guitar and when we got home he learned White Horse by Taylor Swift and i sang a little. He didnt learn it completely so we didnt really play, but next time!:) Were gonna be a duo one day.. youll see us in the magazines..tss!

Same day we made lasagne and watched Push with Dakota Fanning and that burning guy from Fantastic 4. It was actually a little cool. It wasnt like a typical sience-fiction movie like Fantastiv 4 where its totally obvious that it isnt real. It was more convincing and just Real, you know?
So overall, not to bad, you whould watch it!

We went home sunday. Didnt want to, but kinda had to, so we wouldnt spend all our vacation money!

Were going to visit my dad in Poland next tuesday! Gonna be there for ten days and Lars wants to see a lot there, so were gonna be tourists and see a lot of stuff! Its gonna be fun:) cant wait to see dad, havent seen him for months!

Yesterday me and my girls had a great girlsnight with dresses and dinner! It was so much fun! We ate fondue, wich is meat grilled in oil, with vedgetables, rice and soursweet souce on the side. It was sooo gooood! God it was so good. And for dessert we had vanilla ice-crea, and raspberries! A great dinner in other words, a delicious dinner!! And all the time we were talking, from 7 to 1 in the morning we talked like girls talk. It was great! Im gonna miss them all so much! Tuva is going to the states to study, Leni is going to Bali and May is staying here while im moving away. So were all getting splitted!:(

But well see eachother at Christmas time and this weekend were going out partying for the last time before the goodbyes, so itll be fun!

Well, this was a long blog, but i owe you since its been so long ago since the last time.. I dont know how its gonna be when i start to study, i probably wont have time to blog much, but ill try too, whenever i can!

So until then, have a nice summer-holiday everyone and well see eachother soon!

- vic -

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hello again

Hey i dont think we've met? Long time since anyway..:p

Kidding!! I havent been here for a while i know, so hope you dont hate me, (you who dont read my blogs), but now imhere and first im coming with a music-update!

This is what i listen to these days..

Paramores new single "Ignorance"!!
Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas - Before The Storm
Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again
The Pretty Reckless - I Really Fucking Love You
Taylor Swift
feat. Colbie Calliatt - Breathe
Taylor Swift - White Horse

Thats my July-favorites-list!:)

Paramore's new album will be released September 29th and Demi Lovato's new album on July 21st! GET THEM!

- vic -

Monday, June 22, 2009

High School Is OVER

High school is friggin over!! I cant believe it! Finally.. ive waited so long for this. I know ive been longing for this, but at the same time i know that ill miss it. Ill probably miss my class, since they wont no longer be in my life every day. Hopefully well get together sometimes!

Here we are all together. Its an old pic but hey :)

So now my life begins! I want to work with music! Im thinking this; If i dont get in to any school for this fall, i will either find something other to study or i will work. If i work ill do some music stuff on the side. Sing in a choir or something or get to a record studio and make some music myself! I could be a songwriter too, so ill find out wnat chances i have:) i just REALLY want to work with music... i am a dreamer, i know, and i know theres a lot of work behind a song-career, but if i set my mind in going all the way there, i will try my best, and i wont give up!

No matter what; if i get to do something around music; Im Happy!!

I sang on this show a few days back. Or a week maybe. Sang Loves not a competition, the cover by paramore covering the kaiser chiefs, and Dont forget by demi! It went well i guess:)

Ahe upcoming friday im singing again! Dont know what ill sing then, but i guess ill sing those two and some other songs.. White horse by Taylor Swift maybe! Gosh i just LOVE to sing! I love it! If i can say only one passion i have, besides my passion for my boyfriend:p<3, it would be SINGING. You have no idea how much it means to me.
I could sing all day.

I write my own songs too, and i would like to get them out there, preformed by either me or another artist. Out to an audience.

I feel like.. i dont necessary have to BE somebody. Just as long as i can do ANYTHING within music in my life, its ok. That would really be OK:D

This blog is all music talk, haha.. i was supposed to talk about the end of high school.. oh well. Anyway, i Was talking about high school, and that my life starts now. So i guess music Is as relevant as i made it out here!
It will be!!

Oh The cutest thing just popped up!!
The most adoreable girl saying Whatever, making a face And waving her hand! So cute!

... Now im just sitting and wathing laughing babies in youtube! I was suppoused to go to sleep!:p

Oh well... tomorrow im going to the dentist, and then home. Ill be moving to Trondheim in like half a month so i guess ill start the packing tomorrow too. Theres alot to pack and alot to store away. So why not start as soon as possible:p

But NOW im going to sleep. Take care and goodnight!

- vic -

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oral exam...

Im having my oral exams on tuesday and im suppoused to work on it now but im so sick of sitting and reading all the time. I wanna do something fun, i just want to jump around or something! Blah....

Guess ill just have to try again. Was out with the catmom and her kitten just now to feed them. Theyre so sweet!! The mom, i actually call her mommy; because she is, has many colors; black, grey, brown, beige and orange. Shes so pretty and loves t
o cuddle! And the kitten, hasnt got a name yet, is all black with two little spots of white, one on the belly and one under the chin! So georgeous!:)

Ill post a picture of them both when i have one, for now i only have one of the little kitten sleeping in my lap!:)

Also todays quote...
June 14th - Karma

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

- vic -

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What to doooo

Well i know what i can do but i wont do it! The computer is so much more fun:) anyway, i have to clean my room and then practice for tonight! Im singing in a show here in my hometown, and im gonna be singing Dont Forget by miss Lovato and Loves Not a Competition by the Kaiser Chiefs, covered by Paramore!

Im kinda nervous, because my voice is weird these days. Hopefully itll all go okay tonight! Wish me luck!

I want to become a singer, for real, like get a record deal and make music, go on tour etc. I looove to sing and im dreaming of becoming a famous singer some day.... some day. Maybe someday!

I have to stop dreaming and DO something! But i have no band and dont know where to look for one!

Ill start cleaning my room now, and practice for tonight.

- vic -

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Morgan and muuuuuuusic


Ive started to play on my guitar again! My dear Morgan.. i bought it for a high price and then i just left it in the box. Poor thing...hasnt seen light in a year or something!

Anyway, ive started playing my Morgan again and its fun though im not good at it! These days im listening to Miley Cyrus - The Climb, and i gotta say, im not really a Cyrus-fan, but this song is rather i though i should try to play it on the guitar. Its not so hard actually,
just needs some practice:)

I also listen to Demi Lovato. She is kick ass! Seriously.. i didnt think of listening to her music until my friend Matilde played some music in her car for me, and shes also rather good! She really has a good voice and is not like those mini-disney-singers like Selena Gom├ęz or Ashley Tisdale. Or Miley Cyrus. This one is really good, you should check her out! Her new (first) album, Don't Forget, is pretty good if you like girl-rock.

I especially like La La Land, Get Back, Trainwreck and most of all Don't Forget! That song is just SOOOOO beautiful!

Ive got a new blog where ill post songlyrics, music rewievs and other texts. Actually made it today!

So of course i posted "Don't Forget" there. See the video too, its so sad and beautiful and she sings perfect!

In other news, my long-distance relationship with Lars is ENDING!! Not ending like were breaking up but ending in the meaning that hes coming home tomorrow and then itll be over!!! Were finally gonna be together every single day end well see eachother 'til well puke! And then well move in togheter in the fall<3>

Monday, June 01, 2009



cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!
- vic -

Quote(s) of the day

June 1st - Mistakes

"Mistakes are how we learn" - Owen Hunt from Greys Anatomy
"It happens, people makes mistakes. They sleep with the wrong persons and they hide it, but if you ask me, its the part that comes after that matters. The part where you make it right." - Lexie Grey

Both quotes are from GA 05x02. In this case the "mistake" is a woman who cheats on her housband, with her bestfriends housband. And the two women have been bestfriends for about 50 years...

- vic -

Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Moon 15 seconds clip!

Heres a tiny clip from New Moon! It comes out November 20th!!! I CANT WAIT!

Cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait!!

- vic -

Plans for the fall...

Im thinking alot of what im gonna do in the fall these days. Ive been thinking about doing something that revolves around creativity, animal care, styling and make-up, psychology or just work.

The latest thought i have is if whether or not i should go to the us with my boyfriend after christmas. So im thinking to maybe work the first semester in Trondheim and then either work or study the next semester in the US, but WHAT TO DOOOOO. I have no idea what i want.

The only thing im sure about is that i DO NOT want to be without my boyfriend for six months.

So do you have any tips? Anyone? You who dont read my blogs? Ha ha.

Another thing i thought about today is that beautiful model that models for Loreal Elvital Color Vive. A blond. I always thought she is soo pretty and ive always wondered if its Denise Richards or not. But today i finally found out; her name is Doutzen Kroes, believe it or not, and shes from the Netherlands, believe it or not!

Isnt she just beautiful? Wish i looked like her.

- vic -

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quotes Will Come

So i watch One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy and some of you may think im dumb, but i know theres alot of people watching those series too and love them, and the thing is, theres alot of very good quotes in the, and also music. I will be posting quotes of the day from now on i think, whenever i hear something that really gets to me or moves me or whatever. But not only from the series, ill be writing everything i feel like.
So here i go, my first quote of the day

May 26th.. - Love

I believe in true love. I believe in love at first sight. I believe love conquers all. And that doesn't mean there's not gonna be hard days or difficult things to deal with, because there will be. But finding that person who does it for you and knowing that person loves you back; it just makes everything so much easier. - Hayley James Scott, OTH 06x23

- vic -

Music again

I finally have something new to write about. Not so exciting maybe, but i find it worth writing about. MUSIC.

"Music helps, whatever youre going trough" - Peyton Sawyer

Those are wise words, true words. Music always helps, no matter how bad you might feel. If you have nobody to talk to or even cry to, cry to the music
and let the music help.

Heres some songs that are really good:

Parachute - She Is Love
Snow Patrol - The Planets Bend Between Us
William Fitzsimmons - I Don't Feel It Anymore (Son
g Of The Sparrow)
William Fitzsimmons - Passion Play
Katie Costello - I Can't Fix Us Two
Manchester Orchestra - I Can Feel a Hot One
John Mayer - Daughters (live)
John Mayer - Belief (live)

The John Mayer songs are of course the ones from Where the light is! :)

William Fitzsimmons
makes beautiful music by the way. He makes acoustic songs, kinda like Andy McKee, only Will sings too, Andy only plays guitar. You should check them both out;
Andy McKee - Art Of Motion and William Fitzsimmons - all of his albums

- vic -

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shit shite and more shit


I dont know why i write shit.. i just kinda feel like shit. Lets write shite:)

I feel like shite cause its raining outside..and im tired. At least i think im tired. And some other stuff. But other than that - things are ok.

Im sitting and listening to John Mayers concert Where The Light Is.. its so Wonderful!! I absolutely love it and he is my singing GOD! This concert is one of the most amazing concerts ive ever lisened to, and i havent lisened to many.. hehe! Anyway, he sings like a God, did i say that? Anyway, he sings like a God. GOD. And all the stuff he does with his voice? Its just unbelievable! The ending on Daughters is beautiful. I just love that concert.. ill be talking about it later, most likely!

So.. I should go to bed now really, ive got norwegian exams tomorrow! I think its gonna be okay, but i still need enough sleep to get trough it:p

Im starting to work-out for real tomorrow aswell! Need to get back to shape for the summer and get the training into my system again for the fall! Ill be working out togheter with my boyfriend there, so im gonna have to be prepared for 24/7 training! He works out _alot_ =p

Well ill hit the bed now. Im not really tired, and this became a shite blog , except for the john mayer part. I obviously dont have much to say today. So ill end it before it goes bad.


- vic -

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little music-talk

I dont really have much to say right now, i just want to update you on my favorite songs these days;

La Rocca - Non believer
Red - Never Be The Same
Dead By April - Trapped
Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
Jimmy Eat World - Here It Goes

I basically listen to Alot different kind of music.. Hits and not-hits.. If you have some tips please give me!:)

And by the way, Jimmy Eats World's album "Chase This Light"..check it out. Its brilliant!

Now i have to get ready for work!

- vic -

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A visit and X-Factor

Im back from a visit in Trondheim, where my love lives! She studies up there.. im just kidding - HE.
HE is wonderful and we are moving in together in the fall, did i say that?... Yes i did. And we also got the apartment!:D im so joyful i could explode. (heh.. the way i wrote it made it sound like im Not excited, but i am, really. :D )

So anyway, i was up there, been there since tuesday.. i mainly went up to enter the x-factor competition, and stayed with my boyfriend! I came to the hotel, w
here he competition was held wednesday, at around 0930 n the morning.. and i waited and waited in a queue for FIVE HOURS!! Then.. i came inside the hotel to wait some more hours..and finally mu number came up and i was scared and nervous like shite.

Finally when i came inside to the pre-cast judges, i talked for like two minutes before singing. They were really nice, it was two women, and supportive. So i sang Before he cheats by carrie underwood and they liked it!!:) that sent me to the main audition for the main judges..

So yesterday was auditionday! I choose to sing Since u been gone by kelly clarkson, and since i was one of the last ones out to audition i had no nerves left when i met the judges.. and so it went really well!...i thought. they didnt like my voice at all and it was <> in their ears..

I was really sad because of the comments i got werent things ive ever heard before..they caught me by surprise..

Well..i guess i have some sort of experience out of this..well i do, i absolutely do. But it was obviously not so friends and people in class say i was brave to enter the competition at all and what the heck; i was one of the 200 best out of 1600 in Trondheim! Thats gotta be something.. :)

While i was up there i stayed with my boyfriend like i think i said earlier. It was really nice because it was in the middle of a school-week so he went to school every morning and we got to taste how the daily life will be in the fall when we move in together. Everytime ive been up there with him ive always been there in the weekends, so ive never really learned how it will be when we live together. Its always just been a little "vacation" :)

I cant wait 'til we move in together!! Im sooooo excited! Weve waited TWO_YEARS for this! So i guess you know how i feel.. EXCITED! And my friends are absolutely amased how weve gotten trough a long-distance relationship for this long..

Theres only one reason, and its Love.!! If you havent experienced it yet, just wait, 'til the perfect one for you shows up and shows you how wonderful life can be. I can be very deep and even a little poetic sometimes, thats just a better way for me to describe things. So if i suddently turn very deep and poetic, dont run off :p

Anyway.. i better end this blog now.. i started writing it sunday i think.. So GOODBYE and talk to you next time. You who dont read my blogs.! I have only two followers, one machine and one friend who i dont really think reads my blogs ;p None-offence!

Well, see ya

- vic -

Monday, May 11, 2009

Some creativity


Here are a few pics of my creativity. Ive made some beanies and made some hemp necklaces and bracelets. Its really simple and if you want tips i can try to give you :)

- vic -

I do everything but what I should do

Oh well.. thats just how it always is isnt it? I sit here at my desk, with actual purpose to study world history because i have a test tuesday. But its just not happening..

I ate dinner and my mother told me about Laura Pausini singing a song to Pavarotti at his memorial concert, only she didnt remember what the song was called. So ive been hung up in finding out the name of the song for an hour now, which well, is taken out on the "studying".

Ive found it now though. Its called Il Mondo Che Vorrei, and is originally sung by Vasco Russi.
Mom and my stepfather wants me to sing it, recording in a studio. Its a really beauiful song. Maybe i will next time.

So nooow i should really start to study..but thats not really happening is it..? Heh.. im writing this blog instead. Ill finish writing it, and THEN ill study. I PROMISE!

So me and my boyfriend Lars are moving in toghether in the fall. Im moving to his city, Trondheim to study psychologi for a year. And so weve found this beautiful place to live, its an apartment with 4 or 5 bedrooms, where other people live, and one of the rooms with an addictional room is out for rental from june to december. He called the girl who lives in the room now, and told her about our interest. It looks good right now, i think well get it, at least i hope we will! Weve been looking for a place to live for a long time now and really want to just find a place now and have it sorted out so that we wont have to think about it anymore. So hopefully....... We will know tonight or tomorrow so basically my stomach is aching and having butterflies inside at the same time. My puls is high everytime i think about it or talk about it! Dear God. Please :)

It been a long time since i last blogged. And since ive been sitting with my homepage for a long time tonight, editing the looks and stuff, i thought i ough to write something. Also to keep you updated on me!

Well.. I guess ill have to do that studying now.. I find history boring, no matter how new or old it is. Its just so much heavy and complicated stuff to learn and read about. Well i guess its not all that boring, its just...alot.

- vic -

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poland, boringness and P.S. I Love You

Yeah the title seems weird, i know, but it says it all very clearly.

I was supposed to go to bed like one hour ago because i didnt have anything better to do, but then i got stuck here by my dads computer. Yes, im visiting my dad in Poland (yes, im half polish). And yes, it is really nice too see him but its just that we dont do much.

I also trashed my knee, and im walking around with crutches, so that means i cant do alot of active activity!

So all we basically do is this: get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go shopping for some grocery, drink coffee (or chocolate for me) and go back home. See? This is the boring part. I spend an awful lot of time here by the computer, surfing around and do
ing useless stuff on Facebook, because; ive got nothing better to do!

Well thats not all right..i Have been knitting. I knitted myself two beanies. But now i dont have any more yarn left.. shite.

So what im doing spending time now, is reading P.S. I Love You. I bought it at the airport in Oslo. Its a really beautiful book. I like it alot. I dont think itll ever beat The Twilight Saga, because the saga is T_H_A B_E_S_T and i absolutely love it, but its a
great book. Its another type of book, maybe thats why i just simply cant really compare them to eachother. But whatever. Who cares?

So tomorrow im going with paps to my auntie and uncle and my cousins to eat Sunday-dinner. That should we nice. I havent met her yet, my aunt, this visit anyway, so im looking forward seeing her. I lived with them for a month two years ago, and shes practically my second mom, so i really look forward seeing her. I love her very much, although i dont get to see her that much...

Anyway..i wont be bothering you with my who read this probably dont even know me so you couldnt give a shite anyway.

I got the word "shite" from the book. It takes place in Ireland, the story. So they say many irish things; like shite.

Well, i think maybe im tired now and im done sitting here with my dads computer.
I havent done any training today....shite. Well, theres always tomorrow.


And ps. some songs i love at the moment:

Carrie Underwood - You Won't Find This
Paramore - Stop This Song
Beyonce - Halo
Keri Hilson - Energy

- vic -

Me singing on youtube

This is me singing loves not a competition by the Kaiser Ciefs, but this is Paramore's version! Tell me what you think by leaving a comment:) and dont forget to rate! It's an old recording. I'll post something new soon!

- vic -