Monday, June 22, 2009

High School Is OVER

High school is friggin over!! I cant believe it! Finally.. ive waited so long for this. I know ive been longing for this, but at the same time i know that ill miss it. Ill probably miss my class, since they wont no longer be in my life every day. Hopefully well get together sometimes!

Here we are all together. Its an old pic but hey :)

So now my life begins! I want to work with music! Im thinking this; If i dont get in to any school for this fall, i will either find something other to study or i will work. If i work ill do some music stuff on the side. Sing in a choir or something or get to a record studio and make some music myself! I could be a songwriter too, so ill find out wnat chances i have:) i just REALLY want to work with music... i am a dreamer, i know, and i know theres a lot of work behind a song-career, but if i set my mind in going all the way there, i will try my best, and i wont give up!

No matter what; if i get to do something around music; Im Happy!!

I sang on this show a few days back. Or a week maybe. Sang Loves not a competition, the cover by paramore covering the kaiser chiefs, and Dont forget by demi! It went well i guess:)

Ahe upcoming friday im singing again! Dont know what ill sing then, but i guess ill sing those two and some other songs.. White horse by Taylor Swift maybe! Gosh i just LOVE to sing! I love it! If i can say only one passion i have, besides my passion for my boyfriend:p<3, it would be SINGING. You have no idea how much it means to me.
I could sing all day.

I write my own songs too, and i would like to get them out there, preformed by either me or another artist. Out to an audience.

I feel like.. i dont necessary have to BE somebody. Just as long as i can do ANYTHING within music in my life, its ok. That would really be OK:D

This blog is all music talk, haha.. i was supposed to talk about the end of high school.. oh well. Anyway, i Was talking about high school, and that my life starts now. So i guess music Is as relevant as i made it out here!
It will be!!

Oh The cutest thing just popped up!!
The most adoreable girl saying Whatever, making a face And waving her hand! So cute!

... Now im just sitting and wathing laughing babies in youtube! I was suppoused to go to sleep!:p

Oh well... tomorrow im going to the dentist, and then home. Ill be moving to Trondheim in like half a month so i guess ill start the packing tomorrow too. Theres alot to pack and alot to store away. So why not start as soon as possible:p

But NOW im going to sleep. Take care and goodnight!

- vic -

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oral exam...

Im having my oral exams on tuesday and im suppoused to work on it now but im so sick of sitting and reading all the time. I wanna do something fun, i just want to jump around or something! Blah....

Guess ill just have to try again. Was out with the catmom and her kitten just now to feed them. Theyre so sweet!! The mom, i actually call her mommy; because she is, has many colors; black, grey, brown, beige and orange. Shes so pretty and loves t
o cuddle! And the kitten, hasnt got a name yet, is all black with two little spots of white, one on the belly and one under the chin! So georgeous!:)

Ill post a picture of them both when i have one, for now i only have one of the little kitten sleeping in my lap!:)

Also todays quote...
June 14th - Karma

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

- vic -

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What to doooo

Well i know what i can do but i wont do it! The computer is so much more fun:) anyway, i have to clean my room and then practice for tonight! Im singing in a show here in my hometown, and im gonna be singing Dont Forget by miss Lovato and Loves Not a Competition by the Kaiser Chiefs, covered by Paramore!

Im kinda nervous, because my voice is weird these days. Hopefully itll all go okay tonight! Wish me luck!

I want to become a singer, for real, like get a record deal and make music, go on tour etc. I looove to sing and im dreaming of becoming a famous singer some day.... some day. Maybe someday!

I have to stop dreaming and DO something! But i have no band and dont know where to look for one!

Ill start cleaning my room now, and practice for tonight.

- vic -

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Morgan and muuuuuuusic


Ive started to play on my guitar again! My dear Morgan.. i bought it for a high price and then i just left it in the box. Poor thing...hasnt seen light in a year or something!

Anyway, ive started playing my Morgan again and its fun though im not good at it! These days im listening to Miley Cyrus - The Climb, and i gotta say, im not really a Cyrus-fan, but this song is rather i though i should try to play it on the guitar. Its not so hard actually,
just needs some practice:)

I also listen to Demi Lovato. She is kick ass! Seriously.. i didnt think of listening to her music until my friend Matilde played some music in her car for me, and shes also rather good! She really has a good voice and is not like those mini-disney-singers like Selena Gom├ęz or Ashley Tisdale. Or Miley Cyrus. This one is really good, you should check her out! Her new (first) album, Don't Forget, is pretty good if you like girl-rock.

I especially like La La Land, Get Back, Trainwreck and most of all Don't Forget! That song is just SOOOOO beautiful!

Ive got a new blog where ill post songlyrics, music rewievs and other texts. Actually made it today!

So of course i posted "Don't Forget" there. See the video too, its so sad and beautiful and she sings perfect!

In other news, my long-distance relationship with Lars is ENDING!! Not ending like were breaking up but ending in the meaning that hes coming home tomorrow and then itll be over!!! Were finally gonna be together every single day end well see eachother 'til well puke! And then well move in togheter in the fall<3>

Monday, June 01, 2009



cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!
- vic -

Quote(s) of the day

June 1st - Mistakes

"Mistakes are how we learn" - Owen Hunt from Greys Anatomy
"It happens, people makes mistakes. They sleep with the wrong persons and they hide it, but if you ask me, its the part that comes after that matters. The part where you make it right." - Lexie Grey

Both quotes are from GA 05x02. In this case the "mistake" is a woman who cheats on her housband, with her bestfriends housband. And the two women have been bestfriends for about 50 years...

- vic -