Thursday, December 01, 2011

Counting the days 'til Christmas!

It's getting colder in Southampton, and today it was constantly raining as well. Which is kind of nice, because there was a lot of digging in our street because of some water-business - very muddy, and now hopefully the rain has washed it away.

On Tuesday me and Torun attended the Norwegian Christmas Party, which was held at Grand Café - check out the link and the gallery. It's beautiful there. (This is where the wealthy(er) guests of Titanic had their last dinner (or should I say the last supper...) before they boarded the ship on April 10th 1912.)
We also stopped by a "vors" (pre-party) with girls only - a lot of noise there as you can imagine. At Grand Café I think we were 98 Norwegians who attended, out of 120, which is really amazing! We did not have the traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner, but as a main course we had a delicious lamb shank with mashed potato and veggies on the side.

Greta & Eli Marie, both in my class.

Me & Torun.

I didn't take any pictures of the food or the seating area, I was too hung up on the delicious meal. If you know me correct, you know I LOVE food, therefore, well; I was distracted.

After the meal we went to two clubs and enjoyed the rest of the night! Sorry for not having more interesting pictures to show you.

Yesterday me, Torun and Unni decided to check out a store called The Range which apparently was supposed to have an art section - which we all like. Torun left us early, but me and Unni stayed a bit more and bought some items. We stayed for quite some time actually, so it was starting to get dark when we got out to walk back home.

A random, but interesting alley.

Now, walking back home wasn't so easy, as we decided to take another road from the one we walked to get there earlier. The sky was greying, but we thought we'd make it home before dark. We came to a point where many roads crossed and found out we had no idea what so ever of which road to take further - I wanted to go up a little hill because I found it promising, but Unni meant that that would be the wrong way. So we took another way, in the opposite direction and walked..............

Still walking.
It's getting dark. And we walk on for around 15-20 minutes.

The area wasn't all that light and bright, and it looked shabby and lost (at least now that it was dark). We decided to take the bus, no matter what direction; we saw familiar bus routes (18 and 17A) that go through Shirley, and we took a chance. Now guess what; the bus ride takes 5-7 minutes and UP THE HILL we suddenly go, and a little further, and we're at the Shirley precinct, by Sainsbury's. Whaaaaat do you know, and Unni; We should've gone up that hill in the first place!!!

You guys may not find this little story so entertaining, but boy was it an adventure for the two of us! Farmers in the city, as you could say in Norwegian.

Other than that [exciting] tour, not much interesting is going on. I'll show you a few pictures from Unni and Torun's school, the Graphic Design, Illustration etc. department of the Uni downtown, which I went to with them to work the other day. This is some sort of manual printing studio.

Don't you love it? I get so inspired by these things, well, art in general!!

Today I worked [hard] on my essay, and this is what I am going to do the following days until December 13th. After that I'm pretty much done with school here in Southampton before I go home to my friends and family for the holidays! I just can't wait, I looong for the break. 

I especially can't wait to be together with Lars, and also to see my best friends - Andrea, Rikke and Mathilde!

This is how it somewhat looks like when you're a hard working student.

14 more days before I leave for home on the 16th, home to Norway <3.

Have a good night.

- vic -