Saturday, February 13, 2010

Toooo long ago!

Wow guys im sorry. Im not much of a blogger these days!

Well let me tell you something Great. Im going to the US in like 5 weeks and im gonna stay for 2 and i cant waittt!! Im going to visit Lars, miss him so much.. and basically.... I CANT WAIT TO GO TO THE US!! We might go to John Mayers concert in LA and i pray to God and hope that we will! I just love his music, he is my God..! And i know he says alot of stupid things without thinking, but hey dont we all. I dont care what kinda crap magazines write about him because he is a great musician and thats all that matters!

Other than maybe going to his concert i dunno what else were gonna do for 2 weeks! I just know we'll be having a great time and i wont let him go away for a minute!<3>

I thought it would be really hard not seeing him at all for this long but im doing really good actually. Guess i was better prepeared for him leaving than i knew :) but of course i miss him alot when im sad or something. I always want him there with me those times. We all need someone to lean on dont we :)

So itll be good to see him<3

Ive moved to another place now. Well i moved in december and, wow, i havent written since then. I dont even know When i wrote the last time. So sorry, because i said i would write more often! Guess i couldnt keep my promise.. Maybe i should start over. Ill try to write at least once a week to update you:)
Anyway, its a little place right in the middle of town and its near school and Everything. So its great :) its a little shabby but it has its charm. At least my room is very cosy and nice! I live together with two boys and a girl, theyre all very nice:)

I got a fish btw, a Betta/Battle fish (crowntail for you who know what that is) and his name is CoCo! Hes got his name after CoCo Chanel. I saw the movie CoCo before Chanel the day i got him and got inspired and named him after her! I think it fits:)

I also play alot more guitar these days than i did before. Ive written several songs, although theyre not complete, none of them. Usually words just hit me and i just start to write and then they just keep coming. Other times i just jam and find a nice melody and start from there. I love to write music and make songs. One of my favourite moments are when i come up with something new that i get really satisfied with.

Id like to record my songs one day although its too expensive. I have to save up some money for it and finish a song i wanna record. I definitely will someday and then youll hear it:)

Over to other things, ive started and almost finished watching The OC - the best tv-show Ever made!! I still have 4 episodes left, maybe 3 after this blog, but i dont want to eeeennnnnddd!! Dont want the story to end, like the Twilight Saga. Haha:p

Well i guess thats all i had to say this time. Dont know what else to write :)

Ill see you around
- vic -