Friday, July 24, 2009


I should be doing something smart right now. Or something productive. I dont know. All i know is that im bored..

I realise i havent been posting many quotes, so heres one for today:

July 24th - Real Things

"Nothing real ever dies" - Unknown

- vic -

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here We Go Again 2

By The Way, Demi Lovato has finally released her second album, Here We Go Again and its really good! You whould check it outtt!

Shes got a lot of good songs on the album, like Remember December, Falling over me, Solo, Stop The World, World of Chances, written along with John Mayer, and many more. The album is different from the first one, because like Demi said her self; the first album was made together with the Jonas Brothers, so it got a lot of Jonas Brothers influence over it. Here We Go Again is more me, as she said herself.

So buy it or download on iTunes:)

- vic -

Here We Go Again

Hey guys! Im a terrible blogger these days, i know. I should do it more often but i just dont have time or a computer!

So anyway, ive moved up to Trondheim!!! Im sooo excite
d to live there! Me and Lars got up there last wednesday and just started to unpack right away, so we got it all finished by the night! Then on thursday we went to IKEA to do a little shopping for some more stuff that we needed. We got a bench for the tv to stand on and some decoration for the apartement!

Its sooo cozy there! And we have "The Red Corner"...

That bike isnt there now though, took up too much space. And the jeans are in the closet. ;)

Later the same day we visited Lars' friend and girlfriend, who also live together, and we ate homemade pizza together and
wached a movie. It was really nice:)

On saturday we went down town, to the city centre/Trondheim Torg, and i bought us a bucket with strawberry and we enjoyed them in the sun. It was such a nice weather and so warm, a perfect day! We just sat there on a bench and licked the sun!

Lars bought a capo for my guitar and when we got home he learned White Horse by Taylor Swift and i sang a little. He didnt learn it completely so we didnt really play, but next time!:) Were gonna be a duo one day.. youll see us in the magazines..tss!

Same day we made lasagne and watched Push with Dakota Fanning and that burning guy from Fantastic 4. It was actually a little cool. It wasnt like a typical sience-fiction movie like Fantastiv 4 where its totally obvious that it isnt real. It was more convincing and just Real, you know?
So overall, not to bad, you whould watch it!

We went home sunday. Didnt want to, but kinda had to, so we wouldnt spend all our vacation money!

Were going to visit my dad in Poland next tuesday! Gonna be there for ten days and Lars wants to see a lot there, so were gonna be tourists and see a lot of stuff! Its gonna be fun:) cant wait to see dad, havent seen him for months!

Yesterday me and my girls had a great girlsnight with dresses and dinner! It was so much fun! We ate fondue, wich is meat grilled in oil, with vedgetables, rice and soursweet souce on the side. It was sooo gooood! God it was so good. And for dessert we had vanilla ice-crea, and raspberries! A great dinner in other words, a delicious dinner!! And all the time we were talking, from 7 to 1 in the morning we talked like girls talk. It was great! Im gonna miss them all so much! Tuva is going to the states to study, Leni is going to Bali and May is staying here while im moving away. So were all getting splitted!:(

But well see eachother at Christmas time and this weekend were going out partying for the last time before the goodbyes, so itll be fun!

Well, this was a long blog, but i owe you since its been so long ago since the last time.. I dont know how its gonna be when i start to study, i probably wont have time to blog much, but ill try too, whenever i can!

So until then, have a nice summer-holiday everyone and well see eachother soon!

- vic -

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hello again

Hey i dont think we've met? Long time since anyway..:p

Kidding!! I havent been here for a while i know, so hope you dont hate me, (you who dont read my blogs), but now imhere and first im coming with a music-update!

This is what i listen to these days..

Paramores new single "Ignorance"!!
Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas - Before The Storm
Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again
The Pretty Reckless - I Really Fucking Love You
Taylor Swift
feat. Colbie Calliatt - Breathe
Taylor Swift - White Horse

Thats my July-favorites-list!:)

Paramore's new album will be released September 29th and Demi Lovato's new album on July 21st! GET THEM!

- vic -