Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A quick update on Southampton.

Sooo my mom and I have decided that she will go with me to Southampton to help me move. That way I won't have to move to a whole other country, All by my self. Hopefully, if I don't find a place to live before we get there, we will spend the week she's there with me to find a place.

I have actually gotten to know this girl from here who will be attending Graphical Design at Solent, and we figured we should try to find a apartment together. That is very nice I think, because I find comfort and safety thinking about living with someone from Norway, and not a Complete British stranger..

Mom has bought flight tickets for us both; her's from 13th to 20th of September, and mine from the 13th, one way... That's kind of crazy..

I finally got my unconditional letter from Solent University, so I won't be ripping my hair out as I thought I was going to, waiting for it. I also got my first official timetable! It's basically induction to the school; workshops, meeting future fellow students and doing a introduction project. I start the 19th of September and already the 20th we are going to London on a excursion! Woho I'm digging it!

The friend of mine that I said I called to confirm my result in my previous blog entry, Marianne; she is also going to the UK this fall and will be studying in London, at London Metropolitan! I'm so excited that she is going too, and hopefully I will get to see her when I go on the excursion with school. Here's a piece of her work, and you can see more on her blog Honestly Design .
I'm so proud of her, and her work is so amazing. I'll probably update you on how she, as well as myself, is doing. The furnitures are from Dare Studio.

Until next time.

- vic -