Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thailand, finally: First Days

The flight and waiting was long, but we finally got to Bangkok around 1500 local time on Thursday.
Lars' father Tormod picked us up by car, and not long later we were met by Lars' mother Ellen. Tormod then popped a champagne bottle and apple cake with ice cream was served! A real nice Norwegian(/French) welcome :)

Since Thursday we have already seen and done some stuff. Friday me and Lars bicycled all around Jomtien and Pattaya all day, and also visited a Buddha Hill where you can overlook both towns (if all the trees around were cut). My first impression was that this country is very chaotic and has a lot going on in the streets at the same time. You can probably get a whiplash trying to see everything and everywhere.

Over the weekend we have spent time with Lars' parents. We've eaten good Thai food in various places (pictures of the deliciousnesses will come when I have some) - we have visited crazy Walking St. in Pattaya and seen too much for my eyes and psyche (that being the life of certain ladyboys and prostitutes), getting to know quite a different world than where I'm from, - I have witnessed the differences in the country between the rich and poor, as well as seen a bit of religion (more Chinese than Thai actually), - and we've ridden on elephants!

Other than that I have so far understood that it's much cheaper here than I first anticipated. I do not know what I will spend 10 grand on here, except blowing of some of it on a upcoming scuba-diving licence (which I absolutely can't wait for!)

Oh yes, we also visited a place where a giant golden Buddha was placed on a great mountain wall. Picture says it all.

That's it for now. Three days down and so many to go! This upcoming week we will meet some friends from Trondheim and hang out with them.

So long.

- vic -