Monday, March 08, 2010

Have To Stop Promising

that ill post more often! So sorry you guys! So lately ive become 20!! finally! Now i can finally do everything i want:p

And in 10 days im going to the us! Cant believe the time has gone by so fast! When Lars left i felt like i wouldnt see him for a million years and now its only 10 days left! I almost cant wait, im that excited!

Where gonna go to Seaworld and the zoo in San Diego and then were going to Cirque de Soleil!! Thats gonna be awesome:D were also going on a roadtrip to visit san fransisco and las vegas! I have family in san fransisco and also in san diego that were aso gonna visit. Havent seen them for sooo many years! Thatll be great:)

Oh i dont really have so much on my mind right now, so oll post more when i remember something!

see you later
- vic -