Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daily Life

So I'm well into working with school now. I have three assignments going on at the same. One is an essay based on consumerism where I have to write 5000 words. I've decided to investigate how alternative designers and artists are affected or unaffected by the gobalization of the world, and how some of them use old techniques and preserve values and culture, or use the authentic elements within cultures in their work.

The second project is a 6000 word practice dissertation with an additional practical part. I will be writing about how people should avoid using too much white in their interior spaces, and rather use colours that really reflects who they are and their perspoalities. I don't like a white wall.

I'd rather have a red wall.
Wallpapers & Paint.
Or at least drown my white wall with art, books and photography, and add colours in furniture etc.

Or drown my white wall like this.
Now this reflects personality!

My third assignment is a live project. With this I'm going to take on mine and Lars' apartment in Trondheim, which we plan remodel next year, when I return from the UK.
I've not come very far with ideas and sketching, but together we have many ideas for changes whithin the apartment, like tearing down some walls, hehe... So far I'm on a retro inspired idea when it comes to the concept, and I get a lot of muse and inspiration from this picture:

Love the interior, and the georgeous colour.
Other than that the girls and I went to the movies the other day with two german girls from their class, and saw the movie "Midnight In Paris" which was _amazing_! I recommend it to everyone who are interested in litterature and art, and Woody Allen - who is behind it. It's beautiful and charming, and it takes you through the streets of Paris in a way that makes you fall in love with the city even more, if you haven't already. At the same time makes you feel like you for a moment go into this sweet and magial world.
Go see it!

This upcoming weekend I'm going to Bristol and meet my friend Therese, and we're going to a Katy-B concert!! I can't wait, that's all I can say!!

Katy B - Katy B On A Mission

Katy B - Perfect Stranger (With Magnetic Man)

That's it for now folks!

- vic -

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